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For years a reliable partner of the pharmaceutical industry

In 1998, the pharmacist Andrea Kopp in Bern, founded the sole proprietorship Materia Medica Kopp, which was converted to the Materia Medica Maibach in 2000. Since 2006, the Company is a share-corporation registered under the name Materia Medica Maibach AG in the commercial register. In November 2014, the Company's headquarters was transferred from the canton of Bern to the canton of Zug.

In order to ensure customer proximity and local idiosyncrasies on the Eastern European markets, in November 2013, MMM Services s.r.o. has commenced operations in Prague. more> on WEB MMM-CZ

Our competencies include services for the authorization of human and animal medicinal products. Service products and their characteristics:

Drug Regulatory Compact

Effect on companies, market and customer! Objective: Minimizing the waste of resources, new markets, optimizing market development, higher product acceptance, more customer trust.

DRA Strategic Agility

Effect on workload, costs, profitability in the life cycle!
Objective: Reducing workload, saving resources, minimizing fees, creating free capacities.

Quality Management

Effect on product quality and safety!
Objective: Controlled processes, higher product quality and safety, high customer satisfaction.

Compliance Management

Effect on costs and profitability!
Objective: Minimizing unnecessary costs, no loss of image, good reputation.

Access to the Swiss Market

The wholesale trade authorization of the parent company Materia Medica Maibach AG shall open the access to the Swiss market to you.


The claims on the part of regulators, competitors, marketing agents and end consumers (patients) are in a strong transformation phase. Increasing and changing demands represent a real challenge for pharmaceutical companies and their labor contractors.
It is our duty to support customers with value-added and sustainable solutions.

We are obligated to exercise discretion towards our customers, therefore we do not publish references. Our business partners include corporations that act as global players as well as large and medium-sized enterprises, which are successfully operating on domestic and international markets.

Our customers have relied on our services for 18 years

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Materia Medica Maibach AG
Birkenstrasse 49
CH-6343 Rotkreuz
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Business: +41 (0)31 849 39 01
Medical: +41 (0)31 849 39 60
Fax: +41 (0)31 849 39 02
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